Ian Smith
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Ian is a Director of craftscale Ltd, focusing on delivering innovation and technology based consultancy services to our clients.

Ian is skilled at using techniques from creativity, Design Thinking and innovation to inspire and enable business leaders and their teams to work differently and tap into new sources of business value. He is a facilitator and enabler who will inspire you and your team to come up with new ideas, and then help to evaluate and prototype them. He will help you make innovation into a self-sustaining system, using success stories to create buzz, and lightweight governance to track the value delivered.

With a background of over 20 years at IBM delivering complex projects for clients as a certified Master IT Architect, his passion for creativity, technology, and innovation led to innovation leadership positions at IBM, and subsequently to the role of Head of Innovation at software testing consultancy, ROQ.

In these roles, Ian ran many joint innovation programmes with clients, in the course of which he delivered innovation events, such as hackathons and Design Thinking workshops. In addition, he taught the IBM Innovation Leaders MasterClass to hundreds of IBMers worldwide, and wrote many internal articles and blog posts about innovation with clients.

He is a popular speaker at meetups and conferences, with a current topic of interest being around demystifying AI/Deep Learning.

  1. AWS Solutions Architect - Associate, Amazon Web Services, August 2019
  2. Professional Certification: Level 2 - Master Certified Solution Architect, The Open Group, March 2009. (Expired June 2018)
  3. Deep Learning Specialisation, Coursera, December 2018
  4. Applied Data Science with Python, Coursera, March 2019
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