Getting into Machine Learning

Photograph of a screen with a part of a Python machine learning model displayed

The Kaggle Titanic competition is a great way to get started in Machine Learning. In this talk, delivered at the Leeds Testing Atelier, I shared what I learned from it.

On Seamlessness

Picture of large seam in item of clothing

As an industry, we’re obsessed with diminishing friction and removing (sometimes via bad plastering jobs) the gaps between things. I’m very much in favour of a focus on customer needs, but is a seamless experience always right for all customers?

How to do a Lightning Talk

Banner picture of lightning striking downwards towards the ground.

Read this article for a super-quick primer on how to do a lightning talk. If you’re planning to attend a meetup or event which has them, you should definitely consider doing one. This article tells you how, and it’s a lot easier than you think!